Dr. Sheila de Liz, M.D.

Hi, I ́m Dr. de Liz, and I am an American doctor specializing in esthetic medicine. I am a society member of the prestigious German Society for Botolinum Toxin, as well as the German Society for Anti-Aging, and have been practicing esthetics since 2008.

Esthetic treatments require trust, time and patience. This is why a thorough consultation at the beginning of each visit is so important, to find out what your goals are, and to work towards them. Whether you desire a more youthful appearance, or wish to tackle certain areas of dissatisfaction, I design an individual treatment plan for each client I meet. With a committed focus to a fresh and natural look, I strive to provide subtle enhancements that look effortless and rejuvenated.

But esthetic medicine is never only about injections or needles - the basis for a healthy glow is a great complexion. This is why in The Beauty Room, we never lose sight of your skin. Our bespoke medical skin treatments are designed to give you sustainable, visible results, for a radiant complexion.

My assistants and I are dedicated every day to bringing out your natural beauty, and to keep you looking healthy, happy and vibrant.

See you soon in the Beauty Room



About me


Hailing from New Jersey, I moved to Europe when I was 15, and my smart mom put me directly in a German school ( note: I spoke no German). So, faced by the choice of sink or swim, I chose to swim, finished school and went to German medical school in Mainz. I followed my first passion and trained to be an Ob/Gyn, and very happily opened up my private practice in the heart of Wiesbaden 2006. Around 2009, I started getting interested in esthetics, mainly first to tackle my first signs of aging and the effects of gravity.

    Again, my passion was ignited, and I started training in everything concerning esthetics of the face. I read everything there was to read about anything concerning Botox and fillers, and went to the masters to learn from them in constant training. In 2010, I set up shop with my own esthetic practice - fast forward 8 years, and voila! The Beauty Room is my second business-baby.

      Good practice in esthetics is always about continuous education, constant vigilance and self- reflection, so I still today frequently participate in lectures and trainings all around the world.

        My goal is to make you feel good about yourself, and help you rediscover your own beauty. I always aim for a natural, effortless look, and prefer to go slow, then to rush things along. I also am a firm believer of promoting individual beauty aspects of your face, and not erasing everything that makes you unique.

          After all, your face is what you show the world - let it reflect how amazing you are.


          Main qualifications

          • 2010 Certification in injecting Botox and fillers 2010 certification in injecting Radiesse
          • 2010 Certificazion in injecting Kybella
          • 2015 Certification in the PDO Thread Lift2016 Face Anatomy Master Class in Graz, Austria
          • 2016 Certification in Sculpture


          • Certified Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Botolinum Toxin Cerrtified Member of Netzwerk Lichtblick
          • Certified Member of Deutsche Menopausen Gesellschaft
          • Certified Member of the German Society for Anti-Aging
          • Certified Member of GAERID, German Society for Cosmetic Gynecology

          MEDICAL SPA

          THREAD LIFT
          Vampir Lifting

          Skin Treatments




          MEDICAL SPA 
          Kirchgasse 40 (entrance Faulbrunnenstraße) · 65183 Wiesbaden · Fon 06 11 - 44 76 22 40 · Mail: info@the-beautyroom.de



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